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Geo-tagged social networking service bringing the global community together, enabling global social dynamics.

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Smart Transport

Designed by inobi

smart solution designed for transport operators and daily commuters. Operators can manage, control, monitor transport system/fleet. Users can experience higher safety, punctuality, clearer and more relevant real-time information.

Integrated e-ticketing system comprising of validation devices on public transport, automatic machines for ticketing,
purchasing, reloading and management. It is complemented by video surveillance – interior and exterior.

Utilizes TEZ to connect cargo deliveries with drivers.

Based on blockchain technology, TEZ is a combination of software and hardware for businesses with components including IoT devices like TEZ Button, TEZ Light and TEZ Mirror; automated admin panel and user friendly apps for clients and users.

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Free WiFi

Providing free Wifi access to public through in-house hardware for stationary or mobile spaces.

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Smart Homes

Live smarter and safer with a touch of luxury.

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Digital Advertisement

In-house designed multi-layered as panel to enable businesses showcase products/ services in stationary or mobile spaces – Powered by inobi.

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Buy and Sell online the way ofthe future.

inobi connecting life ᐅ white labeling

White Labeling

Manage your Infrastructure Smarter and more up to date and give the best Service to your Customers

An IoT based system that sends data about free and occupied parking spots via web/mobile applications in public or private parking areas.

A fully integrated digital healthcare platform solution.

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